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Budget and Meal Planning

Budget & Meal Planning Services

A little about me and why I am doing this.....

I became a single mom at 16 working sometimes 3 jobs to make sure my daughter had everything she needed. Money then I didn't care about because I never had anything left at the end of the month to worry about saving or paying toward debt. Then 2 years later I married my now husband and entered into the world of a Navy wife. This is when I learned to be frugal and budget our money, I have made mistakes and learned from them and then made mistakes again. We have been to the lowest of lows money wise and I learned everything I could to help us survive. My husband is now retired and we have paid off a lot of our debt because we budget and live a simpler life, one that doesn't lack eating out on occasion, vacationing, or splurging from time to time.

My goal is to help families live a more stress free life when it comes to money and finances, and be able to still enjoy life.

This may not be of interest to you, however please feel free to pass a long my name to anyone who might be interested.

I am not providing my help to gain wealth, I am simply a super caring person who wants to show people a better way to succeed. My prices for the one time budget service, my monthly service and my meal planning is very resonably priced simply for the reason I stated before, I want to help.

I also provide Meal Planning Services.  

Monthly or Weekly

Special Diets

Budget Friendly

Picky Eaters

and more.  

Included with the Meal Planning is recipes, grocery lists and calendar plan.   

Contact Me today for a Free Phone Consultation:

Owner- Keri 

Cell Phone: (540) 705-8566 (call or text)

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